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S3 Ep110: Spotlight on cyberthreats – an expert speaks [Audio + Text]
2022-11-24 19:52

As soon as I give you a piece of information where just acting on that information makes you more secure, then I think we *all win collectively*, because now there's one less avenue for a cybercriminal to attack you and that makes us all collectively more secure.

If you're the victim of a ransomware attack where pretty much all the useful data files, on all your computers including your servers, on your entire network, have been encrypted.

In the event of a ransomware attack, is it true to say that it is the exception rather than the rule that the crooks will come and scramble the files/ask for the money/and that's it in minutes or hours?

Now, that's the median for all attacks; for non-ransomware style attacks, it was 34 days, and for ransomware specifically, it was eleven days, so they move a little bit quicker than the overall median.

DUCK. Now, what you're talking about here, John, is, I think, what Chester likes to call, "Not sitting around waiting for alerts to pop into your dashboard, to tell you bad things that it now knows has happened, but actually *going out looking for things* that are indicators that an attack is on the way."

Whereas the aggregate of all the attacks that we see daily, and the experts that we have sitting in those chairs looking at that data they know what to do when an attack hits; they know what to do *before* an attack kits.

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