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Digital security giant Entrust breached by ransomware gang
2022-07-22 20:44

Digital security giant Entrust has confirmed that it suffered a cyberattack where threat actors breached their network and stole data from internal systems.

Entrust is a security firm focused on online trust and identity management, offering a wide range of services, including encrypted communications, secure digital payments, and ID issuance solutions.

It wasn't until yesterday that the breach was publicly confirmed when security researcher Dominic Alvieri tweeted a screenshot of a security notice sent to Entrust's customers on July 6th. "I am writing to let you know that on June 18, we learned that an unauthorized party accessed certain of our systems used for internal operations. We have been working tirelessly to remediate this situation since that moment," reads a security notice from Entrust CEO Todd Wilkinson.

"We have determined that some files were taken from our internal systems. As we continue to investigate the issue, we will contact you directly if we learn information that we believe would affect the security of the products and services we provide to your organization." - Entrust.

"While our investigation is ongoing, we have found no indication to date that the issue has affected the operation or security of our products and services, which are run in separate, air-gapped environments from our internal systems and are fully operational," Entrust told BleepingComputer.

While the security notices and Entrust's statements to BleepingComputer did not share further details regarding the attack, BleepingComputer has learned that a well-known ransomware gang is behind the attack.

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