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The current cybersecurity shortage and how to resolve it
2022-06-23 15:20

The world's largest nonprofit association of certified cybersecurity professionals,2, estimates we've had a YOY increase of 7,000 cybersecurity professionals and that currently, over four million people work in cybersecurity worldwide.

Organizations have multiple opportunities to close the cybersecurity gap, starting with reducing the time it takes to fill new cybersecurity positions.

ISACA reported in its State of Cybersecurity 2022, Global Update on Workforce Efforts, Resources and Cyberoperations that 60% of respondents indicated a challenge with retaining cybersecurity professionals - up from 53% in 2021.

Cybersecurity professionals develop proficiency gradually - and cramming 30 credit hours of cybersecurity classes into 12 months or paying $20K for a certification from the local community college isn't always practical.

Cybersecurity employees who willingly embrace opportunities to expand, learn and acquire new skills are essential for all organizations' current and future safety and security.

Even if it's challenging to find - and hire - a full-time industry expert, companies can partner with an expert on a contract, as-needed basis to help train their current cybersecurity employees.

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