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Should businesses be concerned about APT-style attacks?
2022-01-04 06:00

As we enter 2022, organizations are re-evaluating their cybersecurity strategies to lower risks and best defend against potential threats.

Two things to consider in that planning - in addition to the ever-growing threats of ransomware, phishing, and zero-day vulnerabilities - are nation-state and Advanced Persistent Threat-style attacks.

The APT-style threat hasn't changed per se; it's more about the growing number of those who now have access to tools to launch powerful attacks.

As organizations move sensitive data to the cloud and incorporate connected devices into operations, the attack surface widens compounding the APT-style threat.

Organizations should have a healthy level of concern and prioritize cybersecurity strategies in terms of budget, staff, and other company resources that directly addresses APT detection and response.

Smaller organizations should prepare accordingly, as many APTs view smaller targets as an entry point to larger attacks.

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