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1Password appoints Raj Sarkar as CMO
2021-05-27 22:15

1Password announced the appointment of Raj Sarkar as Chief Marketing Officer.

Raj joins the executive team at 1Password after working closely with the organization as a board advisor for the past year.

Raj takes the post during a period of significant growth for 1Password - the company now has more than 80,000 business customers and recently launched Secrets Automation, which safeguards sensitive infrastructure secrets.

"1Password is at a pivotal moment in its growth trajectory and I'm looking forward to helping build the type of organization that I've always aspired to work for," said Raj Sarkar, CMO at 1Password.

"I've truly enjoyed working closely with Raj this past year while he was on our Advisory Board, and know that he is the perfect choice to join my executive team." said Jeff Shiner, CEO of 1Password.

Raj was introduced to 1Password through a relationship with Accel - who led a $200 million investment in the company in 2019.

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