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Proact disaster recovery service protects businesses from disruptive events
2021-03-02 01:30

Proact is launching a new version of its managed disaster recovery service, which allows customers to continue operating their businesses following disruptive events, regardless of where their data is located.

Proact's new and updated disaster recovery solution protects data from customers' data centres, from Proact's newly updated PHC platform and from business servers sitting in public cloud platforms, such as AWS and Azure.

The updated disaster recovery service covers customer data in physical servers and clusters, and in volumes within NetApp filers.

The updated solution means that Proact customers can now simplify and consolidate their disaster recovery strategy and efforts.

Proact's multicloud-ready Disaster Recovery as a Service provides an off-site, off-network infrastructure that's ready to power on.

"With this DRaaS update, combined with our PHC platform update just a few months ago, our customers can really start benefit from combining on-premises infrastructure, private cloud platforms, managed cloud platforms and public cloud platforms into one multicloud ecosystem - without having to worry about security, data control and administration", says Per Sedihn, CTO and VP Portfolio & Technology, Proact IT Group AB..

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