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Quantum Security Goes Live with Samsung Galaxy
2020-05-15 15:54

Samsung and South Korean telecom giant SK Telecom have debuted the Galaxy A Quantum 5G smartphone, sporting a quantum random number generation chipset.

It's the first commercialization of quantum technology for mobile phones, and it will serve as a significant bellwether for full quantum encryption's chances of going mainstream.

The companies did however offer a few comments that point to the use of quantum mechanics and photons to inform its security efforts.

Thanks to the principles of quantum mechanics, quantum cryptography has significant advantages from a security standpoint.

It remains to be seen how "Quantum" the Samsung handset's security chip actually is, but it's worth noting that quantum encryption is seen as an important advance in keeping up with adversary capabilities, particularly if quantum computing - which can break traditional asymmetric encryption algorithms like RSA, SSL, TLS and HTTPS in an instant - comes on board.

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